Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Light Sneaking In ...

Light Sneaking In ..., originally uploaded by Sparky2*.
... where the drapes were closed against the coldest day in the teens. We're as unacustomed to closing drapes around here as we are to the cold. And Lukas announced "don't like it" ... he would go and stand behind the drape to look out -- left a little gap and a sunbeam found its way to this spot on the mantle. (Thanks to Cricket our candles never stay in place!)
This spot on the chair's arm was our sunbeam's first landing ... an appropriate and loving reminder of my mom. I'll explain ...

I have the pair of these two wonderful chairs; they were my mom's years ago. When she remarried and was blending households she was ready to toss them and I intervened. I remember when she bought them ... her first time to really "decorate" her home with new furniture ... she was so excited and proud of her choices - and she truly did a beautiful job. These chairs are well made and have timeless, classic lines; I've loved them long. They need to be updated with new upholstry, but I'll never tire of their form! And I'll certainly never tire of the memories they prompt when touched by an unexpected sunbeam!

Altars of Light
~~ by Pierre Joris ~~

If the light is the soul
then soul is what's
all around me.

It is you,
it is around you too,
it is you.

The darkness is inside me,
the opaqueness of organs folded
upon organs--

to make light in the house of
the body--
thus to bring the
outside in,
the impossible job.

And the only place to become
the skin
the border, the inbetween, where
dark meets light, where I meets

In the house of world the
many darknesses are surrounded
by light.

To see the one, we need
the other / it cuts both ways

light on light is blind
dark on dark is blind

light through dark is not

dark through light is movement
dark through light becomes,
is becoming,
to move through
light is becoming,

is all
we can know.

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  1. Ah, you have reappeared! I can get in here and read all your updates, this is great. BUT the feed in my dashboard area on my blog which I use to get here still gives me a message that the post does not exist, gah. So as long as I click on the name of your blog, rather than a specific post, I can get in here. I'd suggest that most of the trouble is cleared up, so don't worry about it. It may be internal workings at the site, updates or something. That does occasionally disturb things that are already working fine until they try to improve them!

  2. But your post *does* exist, Liz! I see it just fine. lol! Thanks for stopping by!