Friday, October 30, 2009

Why I've Been Away So Long ...

:-) A new grandheart makes six for us now!

She's beautiful and sweet and we're all in love. She was "scheduled" for caesarian arrival on Oct. 27th, but it seems our lovely Lena is a woman with a mind of her own; she took us by surprise and decided the 22nd would be her birthday! We're just tickled pink that she's here with us! Both Lena and Mom are fantastic ... more pics later (duh!) ;-)

So .... please forgive me for not visiting you all in a while! I'll be back up to speed again soon ... see you then! Hope you're enjoying the beautiful autumn!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day in the Sun ...

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We had an unexpected window of opportunity open up for a short and impromptu visit to my Mom. Finally, we introduced Lukas to his Louisiana family - just before he was six months old!

A single day of sun between many days of rain - how lucky to be with family that I don't see often enough -- in this special place -- and on a walk with their four dogs, a goose and a duck!
My brother has my dream place ... out in the country with a pond, pine trees, lots of critters and foliage and sunsets - photo ops everywhere you look without leaving your own back yard!
Here my sis-in-law is examining the Imperial Moth caterpillar that we found ... (more on that later!)

This is my sis-in-law's neighbor - her brother. Her other neighbor? Her other brother!

Callie, my beautiful niece, introduces "Duck" to Shannon and Zachary.

Meet Sydney - the cutest miniature English Bulldog ever ... and most unusual for a bulldog - she loves the water - just look at that grin!

Duck and Goose are constant companions ...