Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Backyard as My "MacDowell"

Backyard as My "MacDowell", originally uploaded by Sparky2*.
I have a friend in the Flickr community who has the most wonderful and quaint mountain cabin lodge in Wyoming ... just east of East Gate Yellowstone.

I love to visit his photo stream and dream of free, uninterrupted time in one of his cabins with the amazing vistas to inspire me much as MacDowell inspired Ms. Wetzsteon in her wonderful poem. Then I happened to see this in my own backyard ... It will do until I can get to that cabin at Elephant Head Lodge. Now if only the photo and my patient muse will hold the thoughts until there is time to string them together!

~ by Rachel Wetzsteon~

For once I fought back,
answering Oh yes, someday
when a restless muse asserted
This golden age needs treatment on the page.
It was the strangest lesson—
all that ink to make me think
shadows were real, this silence
when one true heart so manifestly was.
Time passed. Themes amassed;
I scoffed at amber, basked in oxygen.
Now in this little cabin
where no sightings slake my cravings
and my pen gets back its need to conjure,
on the ingots I have stored, oh pine, opine.

MacDowell is an artist colony.Uploaded by Sparky2* on 17 Jan 11, 12.23PM CST.


  1. Hope you cabin is "in the making" and your dream is waiting in the wings...I mean to stop by more often and then get too busy...my loss.

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  3. such gorgeous colors. remember the line from the 'wizard of oz' about your heart's desire being right in your own backyard. tuning out the interruptions...headphones! lol!

  4. Thanks so much, Donna and Cheryl!

    I'm working on it, Donna - I just so impatient. Hey, I know how it goes. I've missed out on much from my friends' posts as well! Just happy you stop by when you can!

    Cheryl, I had forgotten that line ... so true! :-)

  5. very kind of you and thankyou.... sometimes .... I believe everyone's backyard is the best place on earth to take refuge.... it just happens that my home... my back yard happens to be in the front country... neighbor to the backcountry... to some of the last remote, and primitive lands left in North America... it is my sanctuary... my sanity... and I do hope one day you get a chance to see if my backyard is as cracked up to be ..... as I believe.... just some thoughts and nice blog and thanks again for sharing and thinking of me... cbc