Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Hour with Boys in Spring

One Hour with Boys in Spring, originally uploaded by Sparky2*.

This was supposed to be a "fishing" outing ... heh, heh ... ;-)

We interrupted Zach's Indianna Jones play to "draaaag" him to the pond. A compromise was reached with the allowance of boots and hat attire and the roleplay was carried on as it became just another Indy adventure ...

They jettisoned one pole into the pond which necessitated a trip back home for my "hummingbird rescue" pole (a long handled lightbulb changer) for retrieval. They fed a million crackers to the ducks and ate a million snacks themselves. Found a prize in the water (a blue ball), tried enticing turtles to shore with pieces of hotdog on sticks and succeeded in attracting dogs instead. They raced, they climbed; they did everything ... except fish. ;-)

Oh, yes ... the boots? He had to cram his feet in them, but begged to wear them "just one more time". After prying them off later he decided he's ready now to give them to his cousin.


  1. I love reading these anecdote's of yours, there is actually quite a bit packed into an hour here! And what a marvelously put together collage! Uh..they are getting so big..sad and happy..

  2. sadly and happily ? that probably sounds better..it's getting late I can tell :-)

  3. :-) Never a dull moment, Suz ... you'll see! Your little one will keep you hoppin'! Some days I want to put a brick on their heads to slow their growing just for a bit so I can breathe and enjoy it a little longer ...

  4. that was such a kid's way of fishing, no? I fell about laughing at the narrative.