Friday, March 20, 2009

Just some scenes from my first spring things ...

... mostly from my spot on the patio. I have this little routine ... I don't do many hugely complicated dinners - an hour or so is all I need and most of that is hands/eyes free. So once the prep is done the time til "done" and the call to table ----- that's mine. ;-)

Anyhow ---- I get dinner underway - this time of year I do lots on the grill - and retreat to the patio with camera, book, and maybe a glass of wine. Most evenings at this time of year that would be about 5:30 - 6:30. That's when the cardinals, mourning doves, house finches and common sparrows come calling en masse - fun to watch. So although I usually start off reading, I generally end up snapping shots as light changes and catches my eye or the critter traffic or Zach's BBall game becomes more entertaining than the novel at hand.

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  1. a lovely routine...much like mine now that is just the two of us. Seems complicated dinners are just for weekends when the kids are home. Love my grill...