Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Any Given Day

I recently visited one of my daughters in a rural/suburban Texas town outside of Dallas ... a little over an hour drive from my own home. She needed a little TLC and help with the kids after a dental procedure. Although it's been harder having them further away (they lived only 20 minutes away before this move!) the drive is always into country that I love to revisit.

When It was time to head for home I caught a few snaps on the way back to the interstate with the notion of a collection along the lines of "things one might see on any given day in Midlothian".

I happen to be reading a wonderful novel titled "The Given Day" - and evidently the phrase has been prodding my subconcious. As I drove along ... (one of the few times I'm alone in the quiet and able to really think ) - the true meaning of "any given day" suddenly struck me as so important.

Not just any day is what we're given ...

Each and every day that the sun rises - that we take a breath - that we go out into the world in what ever way we're able is an unbelievable gift and deserves to be inspected, acknowledged and appreciated with a thankful heart!!! So I replayed the events of the day in my mind and realized how many and how great were the moments ...

On this day's gift I had spent precious time with three of my beautiful grandchildren and a daughter ...

privileged to watch and hear their "tub music".

We made mac n' cheese for lunch, had a tea party, trampolined, basketballed, tire swinged and birthday party planned - every moment, every giggle and hug a gift to remember from this gift of a day!


  1. Looks like this day was a special gift! You are wise to cultivate a grateful heart. Have a good day Susan!

  2. Great thoughts, Susan! thanks so much for your mental trip as well as the other one.