Monday, June 29, 2009

Success!! Mom is online ... !!

Success!! Mom is online ... !!, originally uploaded by Sparky2*.

Aside from the usual trip home - I had an important goal for this visit. I picked up a netbook for Mom ... (a shout of thanks to Liz for sharing her research findings and experience!) and after much angst, hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth ... (and many, many phone minutes across the miles with my saintly husband) we finally got her up and running!!!

I had already set her up with an email account ...and notified the family ... so that when she finally made the connection she had 23 emails waiting!!! Success!!! And what fun ...:-)

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  1. Susan, what a wonderful picture of her on her new adventure! cool stuff, and how nice of you to credit me, though I had very little to do with it, really. Best wishes to your mom. And if you want to email me with her email addy, I can add my own greetings and welcome to the online world.....Liz (boud online)