Friday, June 5, 2009

Riding A Sunbeam to A Rose ...

Riding A Sunbeam to A Rose ..., originally uploaded by Sparky2*.

I know ... not an artistic or photographic triumph by any means ... this one is for me ... to remember the unmistakable feeling of connection when this lovely creature turned and looked straight into my eyes ...

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  1. Awesome moment! I was watering some flowers once and a hummingbird started playing in the spray. I was standing very still and he didn't see me. It was so cool, like a little gift from the universe:)

  2. Thanks, Donna!

    Thank you, bookbabie ... what a lovely moment! Thanks for the memory jog; I have one about hummers, too:

    I was out refilling the birdfeeders one afternoon and found myself in the midst of a hummingbird war! Seems one male had established himself as lord over the feeder and was intent on driving away any other than his own ... they dove and darted after each other around me - even beneath my upraised arm as though I were a tree! I could actually feel the wind stirred from their tiny wings ... the noise they made was incredibly loud and strong. As you say - a gift from the universe! :-)