Monday, June 29, 2009

I've been home again ... to the Ruston, La. Peach Festival ...

Shown is shopping at the Pewter Company, my sister-in-law's booth with her fantastic, personalized items - done on the spot with her amazing computer and sewing machine ... my adorable niece ... and the amazingly delicious award-winning pepper jellies of the Old Homestead.. Also not shown: the visit to the farmer's market where we got huge, home-grown tomatoes, luscious peaches and chow-chow made by the world renowned artist, Sarah Albritton - original owner of the notable Blue Light Cafe.

NOT shown is the 104 degree temps ... the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds .... and how grateful we were for that first traditional bite of Peach Icecream!!!

I was so disappointed by how prohibitive the heat was this year wrt getting those great shots of the event. But, the excitement was still there and I was in exceptionally good company!

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