Friday, February 20, 2009

Songs from Some Margin of the Day

The nights have been cold lately but the days have warmed up enough to open the small windows on either side of the window seat in front of the feeders. It's been wonderful to hear the birdsong, the squirrel chatter ...

Cold is coming back again, though, for a few days at least ... probably winter's last hurrah before Spring's grand entrance

Far Company
by W. S. Merwin

At times now from some margin of the day
I can hear birds of another country
not the whole song but a brief phrase of it
out of a music that I may have heard
once in a moment I appear to have
forgotten for the most part that full day
no sight of which I can remember now
though it must have been where my eyes were then
that knew it as the present while I thought
of somewhere else without noticing that
singing when it was there and still went on
whether or not I noticed now it falls
silent when I listen and leaves the day
and flies before it to be heard again
somewhere ahead when I have forgotten

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