Friday, February 6, 2009

Cricket helps me greet the morning ...

This is my all time favorite coffee mug. It's handmade by Follette Pottery in my home town of Ruston, La.

I love the way it fits my hand with that neat little thumb rest ... and it seems to keep my coffee hot forever. But I love it, too, because of the memories made with my mom on several visits there - and even once we were four generations represented, as my daughters and grandaughter came along.

“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” -George Eliot

Kent Follette is a hoot! On that particular visit he used one of his lovely cups to scoop up fish food for my 3yr old grandaughter to feed the koi in the large pond behind the studio. He's a charmer, and quite the entertainer ... he made me promise to really use the Follette pieces every day because it makes them more special and the kids who inherit them someday (pointing at my little one) will remember. I have his wonderful cookbook (which he signed for me with great flourish and a hug.) In the intro Kent says,

"Nothing breaks our heart more than to hear people say our pottery is too pretty to use. That's why we have the world-famous "Follette Pottery 3,000-Year Guarantee." If a piece of our pottery breaks under normal use, we will replace it. This offer is null and void if you drop it or throw it at your boyfriend or husband. "

Over the years I've acquired such a nice collection (Thanks, Mom!) and indeed ...I do use it everyday!

This mug was actually bought for my mom on one of those visits together ... because we thought the little thumb rest might be comfortable for her arthritic hand. But on a later visit home she said that her hands were so "sleepy and weak" in the mornings (she had neuropathy) and she'd found the mug a little heavy. She feared that she'd drop it and wanted me to take it home and use it and love it for her. So I do.


  1. yay for your blog. lovely photos. now Blurb can turn your blog into a your journal printed! that should encourage to write every day.

  2. Thanks so much, D! I had no idea about the printing ... something I would definitely like to do. Thanks for passing it on!

  3. What a great story Susan-and I love that vase!
    (and the mug too of course)

  4. i love pottery. i used to make it (years ago)...and still use it today. i LOVE that bottom photo with the plate...with its lovely flowers well as that reflection!!!