Sunday, February 8, 2009

A grand and lazy Sunday morning ....

My beautiful grandaughter, now a grown up nine, made this cross suncatcher for me when she was five. It hasn't left my kitchen window since. Truly, it's on my short list of "things to grab in case of fire."

Sometimes when I'm doing dishes or making dinner, or just watching the birds beyond the windowpane, it somehow catches my eye and my more complete attention. After a moment of contemplating on the cross ... what it really stands for beyond the cute flowers and girly-girl pink... thinking about the sweet little hands that made it ... the fact that she and her mom knew me well enough to know how happy it would make me - and understanding "why" .... oh, it sounds like so much thinking and processing -- but, actually it all seems to come in a rush - complete and wonderful and so simple -- and just like that!! The dishes, or the dinner or the birdwatching ... becomes a hundredfold more sweet.

So. The sweetness of the day brings me back to this lazy Sunday - one of those very rare ones with no family obligations like birthdays, holidays or planned events. Plus, we've had a stomach bug running through the house which seems to work like vampire garlic to "ward off" invitations or visits. With no plans or perimeters in place everyone was left pretty much on their own and it was interesting to see what developed.

Waking for the day was a little like watching an upturned line of dominoes fall ... each waking bumped another. One's breakfast aroma woke another who started cooking something and in stumbled another with different ideas of what sounded good ... and for once I just sat back as interested observer rather than doer. I should totally do that more often.

Everyone seemed incredulous that there was nothing "planned" for the day ... but adapted well. There were impromtu computer games - a Monk marathon watched (while the Bond marathon recorded ) -

birdwatching (and photos) from the window & patio between dozes and pages from the last of a wonderful detective novel ....

a quick and easy tuna salad sandwich lunch ...

long hike to the park, bikes and Krypto the Superdog in tow ...

culminating in a lasagna leftovers dinner ... no pressure (neighborhood kids invited.)

I think we all needed a wind-down day like this. Next weekend is filled with the firsts of baseball practices and scouts and all sorts of stuffs. Somehow, this easy, pleazy day made sure we'll be refueled and ready.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Susan, what a sweet addition! :) The title of your blog with that image is just wonderful!!

    I joined Facebook a few weeks ago and all my time has been there..quite a rush finding all these people I knew "when" and know now!

  2. I'm doing that as well, Suz ... I just found dear friends from "our" stint in the Marine Corps and I'm beyond thrilled.

    Thanks for stopping by - (you're providing me with so much thought provoking reading material at your place ...) :-)