Monday, March 30, 2015

Lukas and His Puppy-cat

Just a quick snap ... I tried to get close enough to show the fur mustache attached to the sticky face, but didn't want to wake him before we'd all had a rest.  ;-)  Lukas is one busy, five yo bundle of energy - and Puppy-Cat is the perfect calming influence to help settle him.

Puppy-Cat is the most kind, patient and loving bit of fluff we've ever had in our home.  She doesn't simply "tolerate" Lukas' rather (ahem) "intense" loving - she loves him back. She is his last hug (and sloppy kiss) goodbye each morning before school and the first hug (squeeze) when he gets home.  We just learned something interesting about Puppy-Cat .... her breed is also known as "Ragdoll" ... because of the way they go "limp" and fold in the middle when you pick them up.  They also love to be slid across a slick floor or lay across your neck or shoulder.

I learned - when Puppy-Cat was a wee kitten - that if I curved my arm "just so" on my computer desk while working that she would take that as an invitation - hop up, curl and situate herself in the crook of my arm and stay there until I no longer could move my fingers! lol! Now she's much, MUCH larger - and heavier - and she still does the same ... squeezing her body into the eight inches of free space until my arm goes to sleep.

Another odd bid of info in the article about "Ragdolls" ... they are also called ... Puppycats (NO LIE) because they demonstrate so many "doglike" qualities.  !!!  How on earth did 3yo Lukas know that when he chose her funny (to us) name?!!  ;-)

"Cats know how to obtain food without labor,
shelter without confinement,
and love without penalties."
- Quote by W. L. George

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