Monday, August 29, 2011

The Gift of Rain and Hummingbird Wars

This morning we had RAIN!  Glorious, glorious rain!  I settled on the patio with my coffee and camera and thoroughly enjoyed the cooler air and the fresh scent and sweet sounds of rain.  I had hoped to get some snaps of the hummingbirds that started visiting again (once I had the presence of mind to refill the feeder!)  And sure enough I was treated to a show ... another round of "The Hummingbird Wars".  

Two males are involved in a turf war  - and they get so wrapped up in their chase that I become downright invisible to them ... they buzz around my head and shoulders as though I was just another tree-like obstacle in their path.  The entire production reminds me of war jets in a military "dog fight" ... and several times they've actually brushed my cheek or arm.  Great fun to watch them, but impossible to catch with a still camera.  Next time I'll try to have video ready to go!

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