Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meek - McCarter Wedding

My first!  So many things could go wrong making a trip (with family in tow) to Louisiana for a first wedding shoot!  And it started badly with a botched car rental which caused us to nearly miss the rehearsal dinner entirely the night before!  But I think we recovered nicely for the actual event.

Heather is my sweet niece and so it was extra important to me that this special day was beautifully captured for her, Matt and little Alyssa.  What a precious little family they are now!  With nearly 400 shots from pre-wedding, ceremony and reception I can honestly say that I don't think I missed many of those special moments!  ;-)

Heather was a lovely bride:

We enjoyed a little playtime (but at least, Heather, I'm not posting the shots of you "pole dancing" in the church!  ;-)

Daddy couldn't resist another baby girl hug

Matt made a handsome groom, too ...

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