Sunday, June 5, 2011

May in My Texas

May in My Texas 1 by Sparky2*
May in My Texas 1, a photo by Sparky2* on Flickr.
Our family has been experiencing some major crisis and upheaval over the last few months and I apologize to my special friends who have been left hanging with no word. I'll be trying to get mail out to you asap!

Just before it "all hit the fan" I had committed to my first wedding shoot in Louisiana and I'm so glad I didn't let circumstances keep me from it; it was a huge success and Sassafras Photos is now up and running! More on that later ...  but in the meantime if you're moved to do so you might check out my Sassafras blog, website & Facebook through these links:
(my Facebook page is really new, and if I'm understanding the process correctly I have to hit 25 "likes" on it before having my own Sassafras I.D. 

Things are still in a state of flux for us all at the moment, but there is more breathing room and I'm cautiously optimistic that positives are at work. My youngest daughter took over my responsibilities for the day as a lovely and much appreciated birthday present and I spent two hours of it hiking through the Texas Wildflowers around the pond - then came home for a short nap and gave myself a much needed mani/pedi! The girl gets extra stars in her crown if moms get to vote!

(Video is best viewed via the Youtube link and full screen ... the strings in this music
will grab your heart, I guarantee it!)

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