Friday, June 3, 2011

The daisy is often described as sunny.

I did a google search for the phrase
and reached for my sunglasses at the fourteenth page,
scrolling past Facebook's "Sunny Daisy Girl"
wearing dangly earrings of ... you guessed it.

She's probably the one who sighs
and buys Sunny Bath Confetti
for the Creative Bride
and hides her dirty laundry
inside shabby chic wicker -
Sunny Daisy on the side.
Matisse, I'm sure would be dismayed
to see his work of art displayed -
betrayed upon a vinyl peva shower curtain ...
"background clear" the ultimate cut.


Lest we forget ....
The daisy has a right to cry
to scream aloud and wonder why
to shake its florets at the sky
to grump and frown to pump and kick
and thrust and pound
and toss its petals to the ground
and shriek and stomp and pout and moan
and carry on

until it's done.

Copyright ©2011 Susan M. Kennedy

I'm having problems with Blogger... this post was made in March and because I've been ... "busy" ... I just discovered it lingering in limbo. Also having problems with connections and subscriptions. I now have help requests in and hope it will be fixed soon!

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