Friday, November 19, 2010

Tutu Mania

Tutu Mania, originally uploaded by Sparky2*.
Today we made tutus. And outrageous hairstyles. And in between waged ferocious sword battles. Barks, shrieks, giggles, bumps, tears, chases, catches, debates, court, judgements. Bike rides. Lemonaid. Maddie's Always goodie-bag for that long, long 20 minute ride home ...

A brief "recovery" period and thirty minutes later in the midst of preparing dinner I burst into laughter at a mental image of a particular moment of the day -- Oh, wow, how I wish I'd had that one on time lapse!

Of course you will be inflicted with more pics later. Especially of the tutu events. ;-)

Just this one!

I did get this one pic of Kenzie against my bathroom wall -- no lights, no nuthin' special ... just wanted to play around with it for practice and fun.

Kenzie is 10 and loves the photo fuss ... but 5yr old Maddie peeled her tutu off before I could make a move for a camera (oh, the girrrrl knows me!) and was back to the sword fight. ;-)
Oh ... and note the watermark of Sassafras Photos ... More on that later. ;-)

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  1. Well, welcome back, and high time, too! I've been thinking about you, Susan, and hoping you were simply busy and all that. But yes, that first year is full of those thoughts. I'm with you on that!

    And I'm eagerly waiting news of the new venture, too....