Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Traveling along the contours of leaves that have no name ...

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I finally made it to "my pond" ... spent several hours lost in the world of leaves, birdcalls, spiderwebs, lily pads & dragonflies. As I made my way around the huge territory I left bits of myself - a little angst stomped into the mud at the edge of the pond ... a few hopes and dreams sent drifting across the water. I sent prayers and worries scampering high up into the trees I love so much, washed my hands of disappointment and anger in the quickly moving creek - sent it dashing among the rocks and far away.

Finally it was time to head for home ... and I was amazed at how much lighter I felt without the load I carried when I arrived ... truly I am living at the edge of a new leaf.

The Shapes of Leaves
by Arthur Sze

Ginkgo, cottonwood, pin oak, sweet gum, tulip tree:
our emotions resemble leaves and alive
to their shapes we are nourished.

Have you felt the expanse and contours of grief
along the edges of a big Norway maple?
Have you winced at the orange flare

searing the curves of a curling dogwood?
I have seen from the air logged islands,
each with a network of branching gravel roads,

and felt a moment of pure anger, aspen gold.
I have seen sandhill cranes moving in an open field,
a single white whooping crane in the flock.

And I have traveled along the contours
of leaves that have no name. Here
where the air is wet and the light is cool,

I feel what others are thinking and do not speak,
I know pleasure in the veins of a sugar maple,
I am living at the edge of a new leaf.

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