Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Jewel, originally uploaded by Sparky2*.

.... of a moment. View Large On Black

One that makes you gasp and wonder ... and believe. I've had so many of those personal "jewel" moments over the last couple of weeks. From an extreme euphoric and personal high - to a blinking back tears sad - to a gut-wrenching fear-for-those- you- love.

Translation: I've found my Best Friend after 40 years of searching .... and she's not far away! We're writing an article together and preparing to meet ...

A Flickr friend that I love is in trouble ... what to do? Something... something... working on it ...

A horrible traffic accident ... a step-niece ... she's lying in a hospital close to me ... all I know so far is seven hours of surgery and then ...?

Add to the emotional mix four days of strep - fevers and hacking and pills and sneezing, soup and tissues and ... yuk. Today has been the turning point and I think I'm back from the dead.

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