Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mom's watch, pearls and crystals ...

My mom wore this watch
throughout the 50's and 60's -
her late 20's and 30's.
I loved it on her slender wrist
against her iodine and baby oil tan.

In evening dress it competed with the
sparkle of crystals at her ears
and moxie in her eyes.
For a couple of years,
it tolerated tendrils of smoke from her cigarette.
She smoked to "keep my dad company"
but didn't care for the way it made her feel.
She smiled gently at him with raised eyebrows
at the surgeon general's report -
put the last one down with a defiant stomp of heel.

The watch's bangle style faded with her tan
as new reports had her hiding from the sun
and the watch was mine to adore.
I wore it throughout high school,college ...
it survived hippie, grunge, preppie, career ...
my constant ... my talisman ... my tennis bracelet statement
ahead of its time or mine.
Then I disappointed myself
and there came a day
I shrunk so small the bangle watch
slid down, down - into a dark box - and away.

And then again ... when I became a mom and feeling strong
the nights with babies grew too long
and, bored, I stumbled upon - the box.
With trembling hand and smiling eyes
I recognized; it sympathized -
I came undone - slipped it on .... once more.

When I wore it I felt fearless ... controlled ... contained
It seemed to tick and tock my name
in my mama's voice and it sounded like love.
I wore it most every day ...
until my near-divorce
and again I hid it in the dark box and away
- my connection to who I've been
and who I am and how I've loved
and been loved along the way.

I found it again today.
It feels glorious and at home upon my wrist
reminiscent of my mama's smile
I hope and pray it's here to stay..

© Susan M. Kennedy 2012

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