Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day in the Sun ...

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We had an unexpected window of opportunity open up for a short and impromptu visit to my Mom. Finally, we introduced Lukas to his Louisiana family - just before he was six months old!

A single day of sun between many days of rain - how lucky to be with family that I don't see often enough -- in this special place -- and on a walk with their four dogs, a goose and a duck!
My brother has my dream place ... out in the country with a pond, pine trees, lots of critters and foliage and sunsets - photo ops everywhere you look without leaving your own back yard!
Here my sis-in-law is examining the Imperial Moth caterpillar that we found ... (more on that later!)

This is my sis-in-law's neighbor - her brother. Her other neighbor? Her other brother!

Callie, my beautiful niece, introduces "Duck" to Shannon and Zachary.

Meet Sydney - the cutest miniature English Bulldog ever ... and most unusual for a bulldog - she loves the water - just look at that grin!

Duck and Goose are constant companions ...


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! How peaceful.

  2. Great pictures that really tell the story

  3. What a great set of pix here. I wonder if the English bulldog thinks he's a duck, from being around pet swimmers....thanks so much for the post. And I hope you gave our best wishes to your Mom, too.